Sunday, September 8, 2013

More than I thought

I checked out Sew Sweetness to see if there were any suggestions/problems with the Modern Sampler blocks I was sewing this week... only to find out that I was sewing last weeks blocks.  Whoops.  So that meant, two weeks of blocks to catch up again.

I wasn't really worried about it, after all, I can do a few next week (nobody will tell the quilt police will they?), but once I put my sewing pants on... I got more done than I thought - block 45 is now done and dusted.  Only five more to go to be half way finished!

I really quite like this one

This one has an extra seam after accidentally adding an extra 1/2" to the largest pieces... I also accidentally switched fabric placement somewhere along the line, but I really couldn't be bothered to recut all the pieces.

Thanks to cropping this block looks nice and square - let's just say it has lumps and bumps all around the edges

The gaps are slowly filling up

I also tracked down another wall hanging to add to my collection - this one is a loose representation of Matauri Bay...

Plus why not add the cot quilt finished a bit earlier in the year - it's starting to look quite colourful!

Janet has had a quiet week - with all her tension issues she was driving me crazy.  Today, with a new bobbin and thread she liked she behaved quite well, allowing almost another two block rows to get quilted.  Then she spat the dummy, broke a needle, actually cut a hole in the quilt top, and then started shredding thread again.  Time to evacuate the building.

Hope you have been having a productive weekend?


  1. Cut a hole in the quilt top?!! Janet needs a time-out (and if it wasn't illegal, a good spank!)

  2. Yikes! maybe you will take up hand quilting after that episode? Thread delivery comes to mind? Have you tried delivery the thread in a different way?