Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sunday Stash

A couple of naughty packages from over the seas arrived on Friday. 

It all started with a particular fabric that I loved, and drooled over, but didn't buy.  Then I started thinking about it all the time, and decided to look online for it - but couldn't find it anywhere. Every waking moment was spent desperately searching. Of course, not knowing its name, range or designer didn't help. 

Then low and behold, Hancocks of Paducah had a sale, and what was on the first page I looked at... of course, the mystery fabric:

But you can't just buy one fabric... there is the rest of the bag to fill as well.  These ones fitted the mellow and useful for something bill.

I just like these birds, and my stash is seriously yellow challenged - doesn't this one look happy?

And who can go by a nice grey print - especially a Happy go lucky one.

Then switch to another day, another email.  Fabric Worm just has nice bundles... and I'm a sucker for a a lovely bundle of fat quarters.

This is two bundles of a range from Adorn-it.

And don't you just love these fun fish?

OK enough about the fabric.  What about progress this week?

This weeks Modern Sampler blocks - isn't this one pretty?

This has a rather Karitane Yellow tone to it... (somewhat of a NZ "in" joke - Karitane nurses used to be the newborn baby nurses - any yellowish green colour that looks like it could possibly come from the back end of a newborn is referred to as Karitane Yellow :0)

But it complements the surrounding blocks nicely.

And the killer teeny tiny half square triangles


Free motion quilting has been progressing well.  The triangle borders were treated identically.

I decided to try this triangle treatment for the narrow inner borders.

And even though I talked myself out of using the Baptist Fan template for the outermost border, when it came down to it - I just wanted to give it a go.  My "following a line" skills need to improve - but I've only done three fans... so there is plenty of time to  practice.

And I've got about 50cm of binding left to do.  This week is not over until the fat lady sings Sunday at midnight... so I will get this done before bed!


  1. I like the fish on the selvedge!

  2. Lovely addition. I love the first one. Your projects also look pretty good!

  3. Oh, you MUST get the last of the binding finished! you will be glad where you do! I'm loving all the grey fabrics you've bought! You know fabric is cheaper than therapy!

  4. That yellow is bright and happy! Those birds are adorable. Nice stash additions!

  5. Your FMQ is looking great and the stash additions are definitely drool worthy.

  6. That cherry blossom fabric is lovely!