Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Oh Crap It's Wednesday Already!

Just where exactly did Monday and Tuesday go to?

My handwork focus last week was Flower Pots by Kim McLean.  I got bored with stitching the stem, and switched to something with a little bit more colour.  I'm appreciating that the pieces are pretty large (and colourful) - but there are still 36 odd pieces in this panel (not counting the pot pieces) - which means I've really only just stitched on pieces one to three.  But it is exciting!

I also got the chance to finish the last block for the week for Tula's Modern Sampler.  I really like this block for some reason.  And I've done the hard part for this weeks blocks - chosen the fabric :0)  This is the week of the teeny tiny half square triangles - wish me luck!

However, this week my primary focus is going to be machine quilting - (not on Janet, normal old freemotion quilting on my Brother) Lola's Medallion.  I finished the backing on Sunday (using Elizabeth Hartmans technique for pattern matching) and basted on Monday.  On a roll, yesterday I had a bit of a whirl with some McTavish style background filling.  While I don't think this is my Go-To style - it does look impressive once it's finished. 

So far, half of the applique centre is finished!  I'm using 100% polyester 100wt thread (Invisifill).  Although there has been a bit of breakage, it's going pretty well.  I upped the needle size and though the holes are a bit bigger than I would prefer - it does mean the thread behaves a bit better.  After all, it's nothing that won't disappear once it's been washed.  White fabrics can be notorious for being a pain in the butt to quilt.  At this rate, I'll have the centre quilted by the end of the week - then I need to decide what I'm going to do on the rest of it.

Although I have thought about my handwork focus for this week - I am yet to actually do any of it.  Hand stitching the binding on Hometown Wagon Wheels.  I can do it.  I have the technology.  I am on the home stretch with this one - I could get it finished this week (my first major finish this year), but I need to pull finger.

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  1. I wish I was closer- I love sewing binding down! I could do it for you! I am impressed by the machine quilting! It looks amazing!

  2. Your Monday & Tuesday went where mine did!
    Always interesting seeing what you are up to.......busy, busy! Quilting looking great!

  3. The machine quilting is amazing... How is Tokyo going?

  4. Love the colours you've chosen for the green quilt - it feels great to see something a bit different from the usual saccharin fabrics! And the wagon wheels is stunning! Look forward to coming back soon :)

  5. I adore Kim McLean projects - nice flower pot there! And I just love - love! - your Lola's Medallion!

  6. Lola's Medallion looks great. I, too, use Invisifil for machine quilting. And you're right, quilting on white with it can be a problem - well at least for me - it blends so well, I can't see where I've quilted already - LOL. Beautiful work. I will be back to see more.