Monday, September 9, 2013

Progress and Plans

3 Kapa Haka costumes completed and handed in.  YES!

This put a bit of a damper on my planned activities for the week.  Most notably, the blanket stitch focus was a no go area.

On the positive, the quilting on Janet was finished today.  Woot!  Quilting on a frame is a new line on the learning curve - this time experimenting with straight line quilting.  Of course, getting the lines straight across the width of the quilt is another matter.  And I never did figure out the temperamental nature of the tension.

Playground blocks - I have 11 completed all together, a handful of which I pieced this past week.  These are blocks that I just really enjoy - simple to put together, but interesting enough to hold your attention.  And have I said that I just love the Reunion line of fabric.  LoVe!

Flower Pots is progressing nicely - about 3/4 of the stem is applied.

So that's the progress, now for the plans:

Hand work: I really want to continue with the Flower Pots - I think getting that stem out of the way is a priority.  So I'll keep this one going for another week.

Piecing: Marcelle Medallion Lola's Medallion - I'm going to pull this one out and sort out my next border.  It's been a while...

Blanket Stitch: Taupo Tiles had a rough deal last week, so the least I can do is carry on.

Have you noticed that I've updated my profile photo?  I've changed to the new google profile thingee... don't really know what that means, but I suppose I'll find out.  Any body else making these changes?


  1. You do have a lot on the go! Lovely to see Lola's Medallion again- I love the colours in this one!

  2. Your Medallion is lovely. Excellent fabric choices.