Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Week that Was

The last week of the winter school term... including a birthday girl turning eight... is always going to be busy.

I concentrated mostly on machine quilting, Monday to Thursday.  Friday was my free day so I planned to do some relaxing and mindless sewing.  Unfortunately that same birthday girl decided to come down with a high temperature in the middle of Thursday night.  So I had company on my Friday off :0)

Thankfully she is all better now... and I've spent an industrious few days with my head down - pumping away on the pedal.

First up the Modern Sampler blocks for this week:

It is starting to come together!  How EXCITING!!!

I also finished my two Tokyo Subway blocks that were Septembers mission.  This is Block 14 - some are more interesting than others :0)

And I've been going great guns with the Reunion Playground quilt - only three more full blocks and the entire 4 charm packs will be gone.  I only need two more for the front - so I suppose the reject one will go on the back.  I have a fifth charm pack that will be used to create partial blocks to fill in gaps around the edges.  I've strayed from the instructions in the book with this one, as it was made with a layer cake (10" squares) in mind - having the extra set of charms meant I could upsize the quilt - and make it a generous size 88 x 80 I think.  Block placement is the most difficult thing about using precuts - there is always a conflict of either colour or fabric design, no matter where you put the blocks.  Just make it work people!

I was a bit remiss with my handwork focus this week.  Monday I finished the binding on the Hometown Wagon Wheels quilt.  Woot!  Hallelujah!  Nine months into the year and the first substantial finish.  That must be some kind of record.  Then I got caught up in watching The Block NZ... Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday... tired eyes on Thursday and Friday.  But I did manage to finish off the last piece of this flower last night.  Piece number 4.

What will I get up to over the next two weeks of holiday?? Not sure, but I'll keep you posted!


  1. Good stuff! Your planning sure pays off.

  2. I agree with Leeanne, there is definite progress from your well-made plans! And congratulations on a finish- photos please!