Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Guess what this is??

It's a cute teeny tiny teddy butt!  Part of my hand work focus for this week...

I'm busy stitching up long rows of Playground blocks, and needed something to slide under the needle inbetween units... does this one look familiar?  Yip - a new top!  I'm thinking of quilting a la Angela Waters with some big pebbling and swirls, but would you do the same thing in the cream spaces - or would you do the same thing in the spaces that make up the two stars - and treat the background as the area behind the stars (whether it be coloured or plain?)  Sometimes quilting helps the eye to make sense of designs that are not complete, I wonder if repeating the quilting to emphasize the stars will help the brain to "see" the star design better.

And finally, the mindless stitching has allowed me to think up some new ideas.  Oh dang!  While hunting for something to turn this new pile into:
How to make 8 FQ into an 80x80 quilt top... hmmm??

I found the absolutely perfect pattern for my A Stitch in Colour charm pack (by Malka Dubrawsky)
Of course, it needs 3 charm packs (when does a charm pack pattern ever just need one?) - so I'd need to supplement it with my own stash... doesn't look like there would be a problem there, does it?

Although you will have to wait and see what the design is... after all, there is only 6 blocks... how long would that take...


  1. Your stash is simply amazing! I have more of that Melka Dubrowsky fabric, but can only tell for sure once I am finished with my firework quilt (for the recipient's 40th or 50th I wonder...)
    For the star, I think I would treat the background as the same no matter what colour if I want to bring out the stars - but then you know I can be quite stubborn about some things ;)
    Looking forward to seeing more... And by the way, congrats on finishing your wagon wheels!

  2. What a super cute stitchery :D Yeah, I think you're on the right track to treat the backgrounds the same and emphasize each of the star shapes. That's going to be really neat.