Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Sunday Report (more projects than hot dinners)

My mini goals for the week were:

1] to get the Modern Sampler Blocks for the week done.  CHECK!

Sorry for the strange angle - that's what happens when you put them in place at the top of the design wall and can't reach with the camera :0)

The yellow and green one at the top should have had some peach in it... but as my yellow had green accents, I went with green.  Maybe not the best choice now that it is in position, and reveals the sad nature of my yellow stash :0(
 2] Get cracking on my Tokyo subway blocks for October, block 19.  DONE!

While I've been puddling along, I finished off the last few seams of the Constellation quilt, sewing the giant nine patch together, and attaching the borders.

Now it is safe and sound in the pile of quilt tops/backs needing attention.  Note to self, this pile is growing!

I also fixed up this block...

It now looks much better!

One day when I was feeling quilty... but not really in the mood for sewing (it happens to the best of us), I put together a little bundle.  You know it's all down hill from here isn't it?

Anyway, it started with a yard of fabric I thought looked interesting... and has sat in the stash for ages...

Larkspur Meadow by Alexander Henry

The full monty
 And then some time later I came across another print in the collection, but only bought 1/2 metre

I LOVE this bird print!!

Well, it seems I have quite a nicely colour co-ordinated grouping here...

Just need to decide what to do with it now :0)

I've also been thinking about this old project... sometimes things just need to fester for a while... or a year or so... before you come up with the right solution.  Not sure that I've solved this one yet, but it's definitely developing.


  1. I love the look of the colours in these last two projects! You are on a roll Suzanne!

  2. Note to self: make weekly goals like Suz does. Then I might achieve something.

  3. Looks like you are destined for a long weekend and lots of good movies with that pile of quilts to bind :)

  4. This is really working for you - keep up the great work!! Looks like you had lots of fun playing with the stash and coming up with ideas!