Thursday, October 3, 2013

In breaking news...

On the design wall... Block 1 of 6 - it's huge, 24" finished
The return of Donkey... sounds like a Shrek movie doesn't it... but no, remember the donkey coloured solid I used on this?
Which by the way still hasn't been sewn together...
Seems like it's a pretty good background to go with my "A Stitch in Colour" based colour palette.  It's a Bella Solid - with quite a green undertone to it.  Very interesting.


  1. Funky! Did you purchase that today on your travels?

  2. Wow you have been industrious and looks/sounds like it was exactly the same colour that you had previously used!!

  3. It does match very well! I do like a creatively named fabric ;)

  4. Great looking star. Makes me want to make stars... Pronto!

  5. That looks great! I am addicted to star patterns, so pretty! :)