Thursday, October 10, 2013

Where it all becomes clear...

We've have a quiet start to the week - with some at home time/sewing time/reading time, and a great day out yesterday visiting Ms Lottie and family.  Something that we try and do once each holiday where the kids get to have a good old fashioned run around (think Lord of the Flies - it doesn't pay to ask to many questions about what they're doing or why) and I get to have some good old friendly adult conversation, with a touch of quilting thrown in.  It's been a successful trip if we come away with no blood and two eyes the kids needing to hop straight into the shower when we get home, but they're clean enough to go in the car without removing all their clothes.   Trust me, been there, done that!  And this time it was close, oh so close!

So we've been in recovery mode today... or at least I have.  Woke up with the blahs, feeling a bit hungover without having had the joy of getting drunk in the first place.  However, even hungover feeling people can sew...

And the clever layout can now be revealed - it is just a giant nine patch.

This is per the quilt layout diagram in the instructions...

And this one is per the picture of the quilt on the cover...

I'm liking version two, after all, I fell in love with the picture, not the diagram!
I've also pulled the fabric for the back of the large star quilt... funny how you can add extra fabric to a selection and it allows the rejected fabric from the original pull to fit back into the grouping.  For example I had originally chosen the DS Quilts large polka dot to be part of the large star - but it just didn't quite work - the grey is too blue in comparison to the other fabrics I had chosen.  When you add the Silent Cinema floral (which has the grey, orange and blue) - it all works perfectly.  Now I just need to cut this up and sew it all back together again.

I've also finished sewing this beast together - only to discover that one of the partial units was upside down... so a bit of unsewing required!  I think it's the one at the top, third column in...


  1. Pardon me for pointing it out, but isn't #2 the mirror image of#1? Oh, no now I see the difference! Love the fabric chosen for the backing- you are on a roll!

  2. I think that Silent Cinema fabric is all wrong, so wrong in fact that you need to give it to me....

    And I need to tell everyone that whilst the kids still have two eyes, one of my son's is black!

  3. Sounds like a good day out. I like the second layout too.

  4. Sounds like MsLotties' is the place to be! (for both children and adults !) I was going to say the same as the first comment about the layout but finally found the difference! Great to get those stars together. Oops and the 9-patch best; prolific seems to be a word that springs to mind...!!!

  5. Love the giant nine patch quilt - just gorgeous!