Sunday, October 13, 2013

Last day of the holidays roundup

A little bit of binding...

Both in grey...

and a little bit of the stripe.

A little bit of backing (well, really a whole heap of backing) from Sew Fresh Fabrics.

 A little bit of piecing...

The last block for this weeks Modern Sampler blocks
 A little bit of quilting...

Can you see it?

What about the back?
 I do know that my great plans of doing the Baptist Fan pattern on my large Swoon quilt have been shot to the ground.  A] I'm just not that good at it and B] I'm just not that good at it I can't imagine going through this procedure for an 80 x 80" quilt.  Thinking cap back firmly in place.

The other open areas of Lola's Medallion are slowly being filled up too.  With a bit of stippling around the sketch...
I've never felt comfortable stippling, but I think I've finally got the hang of it!
 And a bit of a wiggle over the sketch...

I've learned that using the 100wt polyester thread means that if you're quilting over anything but white, it just blends right in.  Good for when you want the texture but not necessarily the thread to be the focal point.  I'm looking forward to throwing this in the washing machine and seeing all those yummy textures crinkle up.  I have fully quilted three sides of the medallion - just the outer two borders to do on the fourth side.  Running out of bobbin thread was not on the agenda!

In the stash department, I added these specials to my Sew Fresh Fabrics package - some Flea Market Fancy flower and dots - these are great to just throw into things to freshen them up, and some nice muted bike path dots.

and some new fat quarters from Spotlight...

Hand quilting is progressing somewhat slowly.  I have been using my flash mechanical chalk pencil to mark these quilting lines.  While it's tempting to measure out entire rows - I find the chalk gets smudged and disappears too quickly after a few hoop moves.  But I have finished this little corner...

And have plenty more to keep me busy!

I'm quilting these lines 2" apart - I can always fill in later if I decide I want it closer.


  1. I love the backing you have chosen for your Star quilt! I think you will have some lovely finishes to show us soon!

  2. You're one busy quilter :) I have promised myself not to start new project before I wrap up the current once and an old wip, but it seems a little pile of fabrics has started to appear among the others that might just be good for the star quilt... Your star is simply too tempting. A tip for the long straight quilting lines... I use the Hera marker - it creates a crisp line, easy to follow in all color fabrics and can easily be ironed out

  3. A little bit of everything all right, you sure manage to pack it in. Love the backing fabric for your big stars.

  4. Wow - very busy and prolific :-) I think that backing will look great on your star quilt. Any decision yet on an alternative quilting design?