Friday, October 4, 2013

What a difference a day makes

Charm pack all cut up and spread out... mixed up with the blenders I had pulled... and it's all going to work.  Yay!  Now I can get into chopping up the background triangles and putting these units together.  My best advice for dealing with charm packs is to do a dry run with the placements first.  It is just too easy to put together your favourite combos... and end up with seven green fabrics at the end that you need to transform into a pleasing block.  It's all about blending - including some of those favourites - but have a few ugly or clashing combos too. 

The hot sticky mess that is my design wall at the moment... I chickened out of putting up any more of the blocks over the Modern Sampler ones.  Hence the design floor takes up the slack :0)

And finally - the pattern inspiration.  Constellation by Katy Jones from Monkey Do.  I think this is a really clever layout - and could easily be adapted for other designs... not just stars.

In other news, my LQS shop The Country Yard, has an annual exhibition, which is coming up towards the end of the month.  They run a challenge each year - this year being an item (less than 50cm in size) made from black and white fabrics, to include a black button that was provided.  I wasn't going to enter, but somehow found myself sewing this up on Wednesday, so that I could drop it off on Thursday, and attach the button while I was there.  The 2" honking big button sits just nicely over the white circle - just as planned.  You'll just have to imagine it!

A little bit of hand stitching adds a nice bit of detail and texture... I echoed the block lines and around the circles.


  1. What happens when you run out of design floor? Stop starting new projects, I guess!! ;-))

  2. Woohoo! Nice to visit your blog and catch up with your busyness :-) I'm a bit behind!! Your Donkey looks great with the charms!! Cool to see your entry for the exhibition. Sounds like I missed seeing you today yet again!!!

  3. Isn't that a title to a song??
    The Donkey is looking great.

  4. Ha ha... I also resort to the floor solution when design wall gets too complicated :) I (still) adore your stars. Want to... Need to... Must make...