Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm having a break - from sewing that is.

I have started being good.  But my leg had pins and needles so I'm having a break from the dreaded machine blanket stitch that needs to be finished.  I have completed one whole design this morning, so that leaves two more to do.
This is one whole design.
I am simultaneously getting my washing pile back into normal proportions following the camping trip.  And we are almost back to normal as far as putting things away.  Almost, but not quite -
The Leaning Tower of Chilly Bins
I also have some belated Xmas photos to share.  I managed to leave the camera at home while we were camping, so you will all just have to use your imaginations.

Santa delivered new scooters - ones with big wheels
that can drive over grass and up hills!

This hairdresser set was one that Nadia chose with some Xmas
money from Nana.  Complete with blue hair extensions, apron and gloves,
water squirter and comb.  Apparently the hair changes colour when it
is wet, but we haven't tried that yet!

Dylan was pretty happy with the remote controlled car.  It
also just happens to be perfect for driving around
outside and when it goes over bumps flips onto the
extra wheel at the back.  Can you spot a bit of a trend
as far as the presents went this year?  Note: the car
remote was broken by the end of day one - however with a
bit of McGyvering all was fixed and dire warnings issued.

Of course he is watching TV, but in his new tshirt
from Poppa John, and he looks nice and quiet, just
the way I like them.
My head is also brimming with ideas for The Patchwork Studio International Round Robin which I seem to have managed to sign myself up for.  We just received instructions number 1 - and I'm really pleased that there was an instant response in my creative juices, and have the basic block plotted out - still in my head but at least it's there!  The gist of the round robin, is that we are in groups of four - spread around the world.  My team members are 2 from Australia and one from Florida.  We each complete a 12" block as the starting point, which is to relate to where we live - and then it gets posted to the next person on our list, who adds to the block following the next set of instructions and posts it on.  Once it has had all four of us work on the piece, it is returned to the original owner.  It is the first time I've attemped something like this, so we will see what happens.  Will post a photo once I have my block completed.  There is a time limit, so once I've got my exhibition stuff organised, I'll have to get cracking.

Oh, well.  Back to the grindstone...

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