Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Progress so far

Quilting sure does take it's toll on your body.  I spent two days doing relatively intensive machine quilting on my fat quarter quilt (the one with the machine blanket stitch applique designs).  Looks cool - but if I hadn't of had a deadline looming, well, it probably would have taken me two weeks.  So I have a back that needs adjusting (me, not the quilt!)  Yesterday and the night before, I completed sewing down the binding on my huge purple quilt.  So this morning my arms ache - simply from the weight of the quilt.  My day so far, coffee, weetbix, put out rubbish and feed chickens (collect yet another courgette and some tomatoes from the garden on the way back from the chickens), two Nurofen tablets, and another coffee!

And what is on the agenda for today?  Well, I need to bind the fat quarter quilt, and then hand sew the binding down, attach hanging sleeve, then trim all those pesky threads.  I also have two smaller projects that just need the last bit of their bindings sewn down.

Deadline tomorrow - about midday... wish me luck!

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  1. Well done you. It all looks stunning and I LOVE the backing fabric on your fat quarter quilt.