Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Woke up in a foul mood

No, not a post about my chickens - although my orange one looks like it is going clucky again, which just upsets all the other ones, and ends up with NO eggs.  Really, woke up this morning a bit grumpy and the day has just progressed in a steady downhill slide.  I am just grumpy.  Probably PMT - but on the upside, I have achieved a whole lot.  I planted some lettuce, onions, beetroot, carrots and dwarf beans.  I baked biscuits and a cake.  Roasted my surplus tomatos with some garlic and capsicum and whizzed it all up as a base for pizzas and meatloaf etc.  I have taken before, during and after photos - but my camera battery is being recharged so they will have to wait until next time.  I have tidied and rearranged Dylan's room and will start on Nadia's next... and pegged out two loads of washing.  I still have a mean as grumpy streak...

1 comment:

  1. Let's hope it doesn't continue on to today!! See you soon.