Monday, January 24, 2011

Today is Monday and...

Well, first off we went to Kerikeri to do Nutrimetics deliveries and get a few bits and pieces from the supermarket.  Also went to the op shop and bought a few other sort of bits and pieces.  I have been collecting sewing patterns that I think I should make with recycled clothing.  ie cutting up old clothes to make new clothes.  Sounds like a wonderful and simple idea - and although I think my Mum struggled with the concept, like Why??, I have discovered books, magazine articles, even entire magazines devoted to it... blogs... it goes on and on... eco friendly... saves money... are you getting keen yet?  But I have two problems.  1) I keep finding things that I like as they are, and fit... and look nice. 2) I don't find anything that I like the fabric of that is too big that I would like to cut up.  Hence, the following photos:  a aqua/lime tunic, a denimy long skirt and a brown/purple top that I all liked, and they all fitted, and they cost $17.00 all up... then of course Nadia got into the action with a denim skirt and short purply/pink top which added another $5.00.  I finally found a long tube skirt in grape made from a stretchy fabric, and a patterned top that sort of went with it that I am optimistic I can refashion... into something... maybe.  I must add that when I asked Nadia to model her outfit - I got the hands on hips, foot out, big smile... which was sooo cute but so scary.  Dylan has started doing the cross over legs model catwalk walk... maybe too much Fashion TV??

I have been making progress with my round robin, and have included a photo of the original 1/4 design of the whole - which I slightly changed once I'd cut all the paper pieces as the 3 stem fern didn't fit within the 12" square - so I chopped one of the korus off, and added it to the other side of it... I have almost finished turning under the seam allowances, and it will only take a few hours (hopefully) of machining it all down.

I also decided to just do it, and sent in a submission to Stitch Magazine for project instructions for Nadia's black/white and pink snuggle quilt.  They can only say no after all - and nothing ventured, nothing gained.


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