Sunday, January 16, 2011

Quilt Exhibition

Well, the exhibition is now in full swing.  I have done my duty morning this morning, while David took the kids to watch Yogi Bear at the movies.  Worked out well all around!  I didn't manage to take photos of all my things on display, as usual it took me most of my shift to find them all.  However, here are the biggies...

I think the best thing about the show this year is that it is well balanced, with a good mix of big, little, wallhangings, bags etc - as well as a variety of styles and colours.  What an enormously talented bunch we are.  Hopefully the quilts will appear in the Kerikeri Club's blog - so keep an eye on that as well.  (If you click on my full profile it shows the other blogs I keep track of and you can just click it.)

Tomorrow is the last day of the exhibition, and we will need to go and help decamp.  Only takes a few minutes for it to start looking bare and unloved - although I know it takes hours to set up.  I have some other sewing projects which I am keen to get started on while they are new and exciting - and also need to refine my design for the Round Robin design.

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