Saturday, January 22, 2011

Onwards and upwards

Time is slowly ticking past, and there is only one more week of school holidays left.  I have applied for a part-time job and have an interview next week.  If that falls through, I have two months of temporary part time work to keep me occupied.  So the beginning of the school year will bring a lot of changes.

I think these guys are ready to start back at school again.

Yesterday when I went to collect the eggs, there was a new one in the coup.  Definitely a new one as I've never had a brown egg before - and a different shape to the usual "roundie" and "pointie" ones.  Mucho excito!  One of my new "girls" has hopefully started a long life of egg producing...

I have also been making progress with my round robin project.  The guidelines were to represent where you're from in a 12" block.  My first instinct was the image of koru/spirals representing water/waves, family and bush.  And I wanted to have a link between the elements.  My original idea of doing the snowflake paper cutting didn't quite work as that gave a mirror image of the 1/4 design, and I preferred the design to flow around with each element pointing the same way.  I also chose fabrics from my stash that had the right "feel", and will suggest to the other participants to utilise their stash in preference to chosing purposely bought fabrics.  So I have chosen a batik motley sand, two blues and two moss fabrics.  I am using freezer paper for the template, using a gluestick to turn the seam allowances over - then using a machine stitch to attach to background fabric.  Once the design has been set on point it also reminds me of the whole southern cross thing... all in all, I feel very representational of my place in the world.

Sorry, not the greatest photo - it is a very gloomy day today,
and just enough glare to be a nuisance!
 I have also bought a few new fat quarters from The Powerquilter - quite what I plan to do with them at this stage is a bit of a mystery - but the chicken/bird fabric was just too cute to resist.


  1. Love your koru's - really turning out nicely. I'm halfway through making mine too. I'll post pics when I've finished.

  2. Me Too! As usual, your work is inspirational. I like where you shop...