Sunday, April 14, 2013

Busy! Busy!

I have done hardly any sewing this week - it's just been a long tiring week.  But the weekend has proved to be a lot more promising.

I have completed my goal for the Lovely Year of Finishes... already!  I know... amazing.  The problem with bags is that when you are in the middle of construction, they don't play nicely with other projects - different feet, machine settings, needles... aahhhh!  So I figured it would be easier to just get it done.  And I did.  Behold, one bag completed up to step 45 - and I've set the exterior aside until next month before I dare look at the instructions for the interior.

Lola's Medallion has also been growing.  From this on Friday...

To this, this afternoon...

Even Dylan was impressed.  He's nine.  That's saying something!

I am auditioning different ideas for the cornerstones this round... big enough for something a bit more adventurous than a plain square.  I'm also thinking about future rounds, and considering different ideas from the Marcelle medallion quilt... it was after all a starting point; now I'm quite liking the circles on this quilt pattern...

From the Material Obsession Two book (although there are other aspects of this quilt I'm not so fond of).  HMMM, I think I have a bit of figuring to do.


  1. I agree with Dylan! It seems silly but I completely agree about your machine being consumed when it is set up for sewing the bag...but it sure looks like the bag is going to be awesome.

  2. Go you! Loving the bag so far - I'm sure you'll do fine with the interior. And I'm impressed with your medallion progress, it's looking really good. I think circles would be good for a corner/border as they echo your centre shape well, especially if you include the 'beachball' effect on them.

    PS - did you see that we both got a mention in the NZ Quilter magazine in the rundown on our exhibition?!

  3. I LOVE Lola's Medallion! The colours are so fresh! I agree with ms lottie about the circles echoing your centre medallion!

  4. Wow fantastic progress on your bag :-) and I love the flying geese border of your medallion - looking forward to seeing more of both projects.

  5. Great weekend.............roll on the next one!