Monday, April 22, 2013


First official day of the holidays, and I wake up with the beginnings of the flu.  Great!

Luckily flu like symptoms are not enough to deter the sewing frenzy.

Today's lucky project started as three lonely orphan blocks - so old I'm not even sure when I brainwaved this idea - a jelly roll pattern, a roll of bright geometrics and dots, and an eye popping combination of black and white prints - it was going to be queen sized but I realized after the first three blocks it would have driven me insane.  WARNING:  your eyes could explode, implode or start bleeding from overexposure to these blocks!

The ever faithful newspaper print carries on the black and white theme, without requiring medication...

and the bluey/green fabric reinforces the boyish tones in the blocks without imitating them.

The top construction was quick and painless... roll on FMQ using Angela Walters book and Craftsy quilting negative space class as inspiration (if you've bought the book and are struggling to implement the designs, I really recommend the class).

The back of the newspaper print strip...

The back of the blocks...

The front of the blocks - funny how the light parts of the four patch don't show the quilting at all - so it looks like radiating lines in the dark sections, where above you can see the star shape.

A dividing line of pebbles, with a forward/backwards stripe and signature AW swirl...

You can see the irregularities better from the back :0)

This quilt finished up at 36" square(ish).  Now I'm tucked up on the sofa with a hot chocolate, home decorating programmes on the TV, and binding to hand attach.  This will be the first finish of 2013.  Fancy that!


  1. That hot chocolate sounds tempting! And a finish on the first day of the holidays, what can we expect next!? It is a striking design, well done!

  2. I cant believe this will be your first finish for 2013. Well done and enjoy that hot chocolate

  3. Funny start to your post! Great finish for the year......groovie quilting. I have Angela's book too, I find it a great resource.