Monday, April 1, 2013

Yay For Easter

An extra sewing day means another block almost finished.

The third and final block in my cunning scheme - fabric ordered, so once the last of the blanket stitch is finished, it can get tucked away until the fabric arrives. 

This is my secret shame, I am incredibly untidy when it comes to fusible applique!

These blocks are from this book by the team at The Buggy Barn.

 It has setting instructions for the white version...

And the black version...

 The Country Yard are running this as a block of the month with the black background.  Leeanne over at Quilt Me Kiwi was responsible for creating the shop sample: check out her lovely version here.

Now you might remember that I originally bought the book to create more blocks to join this lonely block which uses fabric from Riley Blake - Lola's Posy range:

The blocks in the book are a generous 20" - but my starter block is 25" - to try to wrangle the pattern under my copier and enlarge it to the right size, and do all those little sections to then sellotape them all back together... Let's just say it didn't happen.  My block remains a lonely block.  But, have you noticed all those cool Marcelle medallion quilts that are being created in blogland at the moment?  Svetlana over at SOTAK handmade has her finished top here.  Now, I don't want to make exactly the same thing... obviously it will have an applique centre to start with, but you get the general idea.  Can't wait to finish that blanket stitch and get into this one.  I've done some preliminary planning in EQ6 so with tomorrow being a school holiday too, should manage to get a few borders sewn on.  Although we do have some important guinea pig business to complete tomorrow as well.

Funnily enough I found the same thing happened last year - in amongst new projects I found solutions for those "headache" projects that have sat around for far too long.  Hopefully the enthusiasm for this one continues to a finished quilt.   Now wouldn't that be nice?

Tokyo Subway - Block 7 has been laid out, ready and waiting.  Now that it's officially April, and this was the bonus block for March :0)  This has been the first block that has required significant thought about what joins up to what and where etc.  Obviously it adjoins block 6, but it's also under block 2 and above block 12.  Make sure all those paths of colour flow nicely!

April is going to be light green month.  These need pressing and cutting... a good job for tomorrow if it's not too hot.


  1. Gosh you are keeping yourself well focussed aren't you? A medallion quilt is a great solution, and a good excuse for creativity and make it up as you go sort of stuff!! Your subway quilt sounds like it is a challenge matching up bits! I'd be careful about turning that fan on when you have such a busy looking floor!

  2. That orphan block would make a perfect centre for a medallion quilt! I am happy to see lots of these popping up, especially as I am beavering away on my own hand pieced one! And block #3 of the buggy Barn is looking great too!

  3. Now that's the block I was thinking of!

  4. Love the idea of the medallion quilt using your orphan block! Fun, fun projects.