Saturday, April 20, 2013

Not a bad start

So far so good in the progress department. 

I spent far more time than I should have looking for things first thing this morning.  First the fabrics, then the completed blocks.  Like, I knew I had seen the wonky log cabin block - not even that long ago - but could I find it???  Determined that I wasn't going to start it again, I just kept looking, and luckily did manage to find it lumped into other projects.  I will never get a good housekeeping award :0)

I finished the wonky log cabin... which I LOVE

made the Greek cross... which I LOVE

and then finished the Octagon block (which turned out better than I thought even though I chose the ugliest fabric out of the bundle) and the wonky 5 sided shape block (not the greatest improv block ever made - the top block in the first picture), so will reserve judgement until all the other blocks have been made.

As you may remember this project is a combination of two separate Craftsy BOM classes.  So far most of these blocks are from the BOM with Amy Gibson.  A lonely two blocks belong to the Civil war quilt with Kaye England.  I really need to do a couple more of these blocks (maybe tomorrow), but they involve a lot more pieces and tricky triangles... then once I've got some more scraps, I'll reread the instructions for the spiderweb block - we'll see how it goes.

All in all, not a bad start to the holidays.  Now I suppose I should do the dishwasher which has been somewhat overlooked in the order of things today!


  1. Very good start to the holidays. Do you not work in the school holidays ( I mean paid work BTW)

  2. Good start! I need to attend to the dishes too - many more are made in the holidays it seems.

    But I've already crossed two things off my list that I wanted to get done so I'm feeling productive too.