Thursday, July 27, 2017

Unexpected Progress

Unfortunately my littlest munchkin was sick last night, so today was a stay at home day - offering drinks and small snacks, feeling foreheads and sneaking in some sewing.  BONUS!

This week I decided I really, really needed to catch up with my Carol's Quilts Mystery blocks for the third month.

There are actually two different blocks to make this month, but I seem to have only photographed one.  This block I have sewn in two slightly different fabric combinations.

Version One:

Version Two (just rotated to confuse you).

And look at the magic when you put the blocks together...

or alternatively...

With that monthly challenge completed, I spent a bit of time on my Orphan Block Medallion Quilt, making more butterflies until I had enough to complete the next border.

This is measuring 35" so far

I have been using Jen Kingwell's Midnight At the Oasis pattern as inspiration, so plan another round of Sketch, then the floral basket applique border. 

Then I'll have to see what happens next.


  1. The Mystery blocks are looking great! I love that you are using the Midnight at the Oasis is your inspiration!

  2. Interesting back read to see how your holidays went Suzanne :-) I'm sure munchkin was not happy to have a sick day but a bonus for you all the same - your mystery blocks are looking great - it will be interesting to see how they all fit together in the end! Nice to see also your progress with your butterfly border - arrrgghhh with getting measurements wrong but good sorting it out! Woohoo next borders here we come!

  3. I love how you are playing with the mystery blocks - the secondary patterns are really interesting. I guess if you don't like my final layout, you've got plenty of alternate choices!

  4. Looks like a successful day! Ah, you've been sucked into the IG hole! It's certainly a time waster, that's for sure!