Saturday, July 15, 2017

Week One, Day Six - Saturday

Today was my FMQ teaching day... who would have thought talking for hours would be so exhausting!

I had things organised so everyone had a booklet, to encourage practicing the techniques with pen and paper first, before committing to needle and thread.  I do think this is a worthwhile part of the process.

I'm pretty sure it was a success.  I wanted to inspire people who were disillusioned with FMQ in general, to convince them that "they could do it", and provide a technique that was both achievable and easily translated to a variety of pieced quilts.

I didn't get a lot of time to quilt on my own little quilt... but did get some done.  I used an off-white Invisifill 100wt thread in both top and bottom.  It has a lovely chameleon like quality... just seems to pick up whatever colour fabric you are sewing on, yes, this is all sewn with white.

The Front:

The Back:

Luckily my husband had dinner all under control - so I came home to a roast in the oven.  I think I'll have an early night tonight.

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  1. Talking..all day?! Yes, as a school teacher I can attest to that! I wish I could have taken your class! I think I would have learned a lot! Your swirly quilting is very pretty!