Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Week One, Day Two - Tuesday: In which bad words were spoken

Today started off cracking... until... they say a picture speaks a thousand words...

Something is not quite right with this picture... which I discovered after I had finished twisting/splitting all the seams and pressing them flat.  Grr.

OK, this is much better!  I can see why this Trip Around the World thing is so popular.  I just HAD to make another block!  Immediately!

The design wall is starting to fill back up again :o) and just to prove I did do some other sewing too, getting the second Craftsy block finished, and the third started.  And I got my RSC blue block sewn together, and the squares cut for the other blue blocks.  It's kind of like having to eat your dinner before you can have pudding.

So off I went and made block two.  Love these florals!

And the two blocks together.  Yum!

Luckily what I kinda figured in my head would happen... actually happened!  After much pondering, I decided to use my darker and less florally florals to do the centre stripe.  Then use two florally florals either side.  A off-white solid on either side of the floral threesome, then a low volume print, back to the solid, and finally the corners finished off with the florals.  Once I get four together, I'll get a nice little floral four patch feature in the center of all the floral goodness.  I decided to cut the strips at 3" which is a bit bigger than the sew along instructions - but I have already made a queen size quilt from 2" squares (Tokyo Subway), and I didn't think I could face another one.  Cutting at 3" makes my blocks 15" which means I need a 6x6 layout (that's 36 blocks) for a decent size (90x90").  Totally do-able and still manageable to cut from fat quarters or fat eighths.  Bonus!  Since that is what I've got.

I have now started to overthink every fabric choice... and wasted more time than was necessary trying to decide on the colours for the next two blocks.  But, did get there in the end, but ran out of time to actually sew them!


  1. Loving your version of TATW, not as busy looking as all the others. I see.

  2. Well done, although I notice no paper pieced critters........I guess you can be forgiven :-)

  3. Looking good Suzanne - and proof that persistence and a bit of planning works!

  4. At least you got the angst out of the way early in your day! Lots to love here!