Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Week One, Day Three - Wednesday

Today has been a non-sewing day.  More rain... but we went on a road trip anyway.

Nadia had a friend stay the night on Tuesday, so after leaving home at 9.30, first up we had to drop her back home.  Then off to Whangarei we travelled, a good hours drive away.  We bought school shoes for both kids, and a pair of casual shoes for me.  Well, they had buy one get one half price on full priced shoes, and Nadia's pair were on special... so I had to, honest.

Then because the shoe shop is next to a Spotlight store... we headed in to check out their low volume prints.

Not a huge amount to choose from, but I did find these two which fit the brief perfectly.

After a quick lunch we headed off for another hour long drive to Kaiwaka to check out The Apple Basket quilt shop, as they had a sewing machine demo day.  While there, of course, there was shopping to be done.

These low volume prints also found their way home with me, some as fat quarters, and some cut at 20cm which gives me enough to cut two full strips for my 3" cut TATW blocks.

And this floral just itched to come home with me too :o)

As did this pattern...

And the demonstration I went to watch and participate in.  OK, I officially want one.  Saving $20.00 per week, it will only take me  674 weeks... that's 12 years.  Looks like a long term goal.

Straying slightly from the objective, I did question the nice man about his pretty thread... which was from Robison Anton... never heard of it, but it was 50wt cotton in a beautiful variegated colourway.  I am going to have to investigate further.  Has anyone else encountered it???


  1. Love visiting The Apple Basket, that was always my special stop on the way home after camping at Waipu. You are doing well with your blogging everyday goal so far ....

  2. Everyday are dong well. So is the machine a go? If you are good Santa might stuff it into your stocking?

  3. $13,000! I'd need to win the lottery to be able to afford that machine! Love the low volume purchases, especially that one on the far right! I am using it in my "Delilah" quilt.

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