Saturday, July 22, 2017

Week Two, Day 6 - Saturday

I can't believe we have only got one more day to go, then it's back to work and school.

I got all my "just need to" steps completed on my VQR Blocks, and now I have a finished top!

In this photo I had only pinned on the side borders, but I assure you they have since been sewn on.
I already have backing fabric for this one and started thinking about quilting designs, but until the Stack, Shuffle, Slide quilt is quilted... it is just going to get added to "that pile".  

 I also completed my third TATW block for this week.  Not sure how this four blocks a week timeframe is going to work out once we are back into our normal work/school routines... but it is a chilled out QAL so I don't think that will be a problem.

I had a moment of "oh my god I am going to make a humongous quilt again" and sewed my fourth block as a partial block to see what it would look like attached with half on each side of the quilt.  Hmm, a bit strange.

So I finished sewing the block to make it complete and added it to the ever growing pattern.  A 4 x 4 setting would be nice and symmetrical.

Then I played around to make the layout five blocks wide... and not quite so symmetrical.  Somehow I don't think making a 5x5 grid would work.

So I moved one of the other blocks to make it six blocks wide.  The finished width.

I finished another Dash to the Finish Block...

And relaid out my Tillies Lane scrap quilt, because I just really, really wanted to see how it was looking now that the applique blocks for the centre were all finished.

But wait there's more...

I did a little bit more quilting on the bassinet quilt I had started as a class sample. 

The gist of this pattern is to quilt a spine within the shapes of the blocks in the quilt, and then using the spine as a guide, quilt a filler pattern either side.  So around the centre applique I quilted slightly wavy spines from the heart shape out to the edge of the square, then filled in around either side of the wave with mushroom shaped squiggles.

And then because I had nothing else to do (snort) I pulled out some extra fabrics for my orphan block challenge... luckily I have been adding a few purples and pinks into my stash over the last few months.

And drafted up a 5" finished simple butterfly block.

So things could start to look a bit like this.

I will need to frame the centre block with a 2.5" finished border to make the maths work, but after cutting this Sketch strip, realised it is too big to have as a single colour.

So now I've got that thinking cap back on.


  1. Again, I shake my head and wonder how you keep track of everything! You seem to be making fantastic progress all round!

  2. Wow another great flimsy are making so much progress on all sorts of yummy did the revamp and sort of the kids rooms go? I am doing some professional development this weekend a.k.a quilting my own's good weather for it.

  3. Goodness heaps happening here, and all lovely! I do recall making up 1/2 TAtW blocks and putting them along both sides to bring my one up to size but still looking symmetrical.

  4. Gosh, so many projects, so much colour,they are all looking fabulous.

  5. So many lovely quilty things. Good for you.

  6. Oh!! I really love that gray strip in there for the orphan block challenge. That is going to be the sweetest quilt. :) Lots of goodness happening at your place. Isn't it great to have several projects to move through so you don't get bored to tears with just one? Only way to do it when you're making large quilts!

  7. The Mystery blocks are looking great! I love that you are using the Midnight at the Oasis is your inspiration!